Excerpted from Carpenter and Related Family History Journal, Vol. III, No. 1, Jan-Mar, 1985, p.42. Article by Elsie Drummond Carpenter

witness). Everything points to the location. In 1769 James Barnett of Augusta *County* sold Thomas Carpenter more land that joined the land that Thomas already had. Another item - William *Carpenter*, son of Thomas, married in Augusta County (as did your Hensley *Carpenter* and Rhoda Mays, I believe). They could have gone through the gap: Is my thinking right thus far? Joseph Barnett-1764, was the line for John Robinson 200 acres on Short's Branch, a branch of Rockfish, a part of Col. John Chiswell's. In 1782 Benjamin *Carpenter* and Sarey *Carpenter* were on a branch of Short Creek: line Chiswell. (Joseph *Barnett* was on north sides of Corbin's Creek.) Where is Short Creek? Undoubtedly near Corbin's Creek. I believe ~ Luttrell figured in this. Elizabeth Luttrell, (wife of William Luttrell), was at the wedding of William Carpenter, son of Thomas *Carpenter* and Mary Stricki ing *Carpenter*. I have not made up my mind about Benjamin *Carpenter* and Sarey *Carpenter*. Nadine *Howe* in her book places this Benjamin as son of Thomas. He may have been. It's un-usual this son would have land and apparently William not have. Another connection of the two families - George Carpenter (son of Thomas) and Hensley Carpenter, son of Benjamin, were married November 3, 1797 by Rev. Chas. Crawford. Amherst was divided - Amherst and Lexington (the one in Augusta??). Amherst was the north, and Lexington, south. Enoch *Carpenter* was married in Lexington. I think our censuses were in Amherst (north). You have mentioned Stoney Creek. There is one north of Reed's Gap. Also, there is a Piney Mt. on the map, you say is not the right one. I don't suppose the Stoney is. The 1810 census in one place has Benjamin and Eaton in Augusta, and Enoch in Amherst (also Hensley). I think it is a mistake, as the real pages disagree. Samuel Woods who bought goods from Thomas Carpenter in 1773 was a merchant. I was particularly intrigued by your statement that Austin *Carpenter* (or father) came from King and Queen County. I believe the Richard *Carpenter* in Arizona (descendant of Thomas same as I am) stated that his father came from King and Queen. It was repeated by several of my aunts that Benjamin Carpenter came from England at age 17. I'm still looking. I feel that we must fit together somewhere back. I think we may have to look in other count-ies. York, the original shire, became New Kent, 1634, which then in 1691 became King and Queen. (This became Spotsylvania in 1720, Orange in 1734, and Amherst in 1758, then Nel-son in 1807.) In 1734 I find William Carpenter on the first grand jury In Orange County. Also there was the James and John Barnett (justices), and Samuel Woods (merchant later Amherst). *pause here -- It may be necessary to use a reading glass to read the small map insert below[omitted in this excerpt, adc] from Nelson County, northwest, which reflects Reed Creek, Reed Gap, Stony Creek, and areas alluded to In Beulah's letter.* William was on a bond to Robert Slaughter. The name Slaughter I believe appears also in Amherst. In 1743 William *Carpenter* was in the service of the state militia. This could be the Zininerman--not sure. In 1746 there is a will for Wm. Carpinter in Orange Co. I feel this is the Zimerman (though 1745), for they had legally changed the spelling to Carpenter. In 1747 there is another will for William Carpinter (the i appears in the early censuses for Thomas and Benjamin). I have the 1745 will (I believe Ausie *James Ausie Carpenter* sent it). I have sent for the other one. Wonder if Ausie has it? I think we might watch for the I spelling. Amherst in the Rev, by Sweeney lists Amherst Co. soldiers who resided in Nelson Co. (what be-came Nelson) - Benjamin, John, John, and William *all surname of Carpenter*. Now who is the sec-ond John?? Maybe Thomas *Carpenter* had several brothers!! The Barnetts, Higginbothams, Woods were also there (and Hill and Hite). There was a Capt. Wm. Carpenter, Separatist, before sailing to America on Bevis in 1638 (he hid on it). There was a William Carpinter (1) In Surray Co. Tithable 1668 - surety in 1679 -freeholder to furnish horse in 1687 - Will in 1695. (We need this!) In 1765 first census U.S.