April 16, 1994 Dear James: Please find enclosed my Article of proof of the lineage of Thomas Carpenter and Benjamin Carpenter of Amherst County, Virginia I will write and article #21 in the Rehoboth Carpenter Family after you print Volume V Number 8 Your's for the Carpenter's, s/s Raymond George Carpenter: There is now a proven lineage for Thomas Carpenter of Amherst County, Virginia. as the son of Joseph Carpenter who came from New York Colony in 1746 to Covington, Virginia In 1962 Colonel William Thomas Carpenter wrote me letter saying that five or seven Carpenter brothers of his family settled in the western par of Virginia during the Colonial period and that several fought in the French and Indian War. The noted writer Boutwell Dunlap wrote that the children of Joseph Carpenter who came to Covington, Virginia. in 1746 were sons of Joseph Carpenter, Solomon Carpenter, William Carpenter, Jeremiah Carpenter, John Carpenter, and Benjamin Carpenter. Joseph Carpenter's daughters were Frances Elizabeth Carpenter and Hannah Carpenter. It is possible that Joseph Carpenter. Senior, had a first wife named Frances Elizabeth Dames Carpenter. Joseph Carpenter and his Sons Joseph carpenter, Jr., Solomon Carpenter, and Thomas Carpenter fought in the French and Indian Wat Beulah Widney Wall wrote that Sweeney and McAllister in listing Amherst County soldiers lists a John Carpenter as serving under Captain Samuel Jordon Cabell, 6th Virginia Battalion, Lt Colonel Hendricks, on the 17th of February 1776 with pay in 1777 and 1778 with Rifleman Colonel Van Morgan 53581. This was part of the service of Sergeant John Carpenter who was a son of Thomas Carpenter of Amherst County, Virginia (1728-1792). The rest of his service is that John Carpenter in 1777 enlisted in Amherst County, Virginia. for three years in Captain Samuel Lapsley's Company of the 12th Continental Line of Colonel Daniel Morgan's Virginia unit He also enlisted in a Company that was from Botetourt County of Covington, Virginia. and two of his first cousins also served earlier or were serving with John being Amos Carpenter and Solomon Carpenter, descendants of Joseph Carpenter who came to Covington, Virginia in 1746. From the Journal of Illinois State Historical Society, Volume 8, Number 3, October 1915, page 441, as reported by Richard Charles Carpenter tells of the service of Sergeant John Carpenter's brother Benjamin Carpenter's service. Benjamin Carpenter was a native of Virginia. born in 1753. He enlisted for four years in Amherst County, Virginia His Company joined the Army of Lafayette and he was present at the surrender of Cornwallis. He came to Illinois and resided is Schuyler County where he died." 532156 Illinois Certificate #22315. In 1784 Sergeant John Carpenter of Amherst County, Virginia. was granted hundreds of acres of land in Kentucky for his service in the Continental Line in the Revolutionary War. He moved with his wife and family to Green County Kentucky by 1801 Sergeant John Carpenter's son Nathan-


iel Carpenter married February 12, 180Z Green County, Kentucky, Rachel Mann, daughter of Esay Mann. Another son of Sergeant John Carpenter was Moses Carpenter who married January 25, 1824, Rebecca White. Other sons were given the same names of those of his John Carpenter's father Thomas Carpenter's brothers. The Sons were names John Carpenter, Joseph Carpenter, and Nathaniel Carpenter for Thomas Carpenter's grandfather Captain Nathaniel Carpenter of New York Colony. Sergeant John Carpenter was born about 1755 in Augusta County, Virginia, and knew as a small boy many of his Carpenter cousins! As an example of another proof of lineage was the marriage of Amherst County, Virginia's Thomas Carpenter's sister Frances Elizabeth Carpenter, born in New York Colony, daughter of Joseph Carpenter of 1746 Covington. Virginia, to John Mann, in area of Covington, Virginia Their son Moses Mann married Fanny (facsimile) Pinson and they moved with this family to Green County, Kentucky, and lived with the family of Sergeant John Carpenter of Amherst County, Virginia Moses Mann and Sergeant John Carpenter were first cousins. Moses Mann's daughter Denia Mann married Joseph Beard and they resided in Green County, Kentucky. Editor: For the sake of indexing I sometimes use facsimile names in the event of important persons! Moses Mann's son Asa Mann was fishing on the Rolling Fork River in Green County, Kentucky, with Sergeant John Carpenter's son Moses Carpenter when they were attacked by the Indians. Moses Carpenter was scalped and left for dead but managed to make his way back to Moses Mann's stockade and recovered from his wounds. Sergeant John Carpenter moved to Monroe County, Indiana, in 1827 to be under the immediate care and protection of his children. He then resided in Owen County 1830 with six of his sons. Sudna Carpenter was a granddaughter of 1746, Covington. Virginia. Joseph Carpenter, and on 28th November 1791, Harrison County, Virginia, married Samuel Tanner, with Thomas Carpenter as Bondsman. In the first Federal Census of 1790 the only Thomas Carpenter listed for Virginia was the Thomas Carpenter of Amherst County Virginia, who died in 1792 Colonel William Thomas Carpenter and many in the Carpenter Family believed and believe that Thomas Carpenter and Benjamin Carpenter of Amherst County, were brothers. I (RGC) believe that I have proved that Thomas Carpenter of Amherst County, Virginia, was the son of Joseph Carpenter who came from New York to Covington, Virginia. in 1746! I will continue with the Rehoboth Branches of Carpenter and Related Families in my subsequent article. A special summary of this splendid article by Cousin Raymond George Carpenter by the Editor: In 1980 when Raymond traveled from his home in Florida to address the Annual Carpenter Related Carpenter Reunion in Tuscumbia, Alabama, I was most impressed with his magnitude and command of all genealogical and heritage knowledge of Carpenter families past and present from New York to the Southern tip of Florida and from Maine to Texas and then to Utah across the Mississippi River and further on the the Great Northwest of these United States. Raymond made the major address to those related families attending the annual reunion. I well-remember as we crossed the Wilson Dam from Muscle Shoals into Florence that I told Ray that President Franklin Roosevelt obtained sufficient funds from Congress to finance the expansion of WA. I do declare that Raymond said "Carpenter's were kin to President Roosevelt!" To be continued!