Descendants of Benjamin CARPENTER

Second Generation

2. James CARPENTER (Benjamin ) was born in Lowesville, Amherst Co., VA. He died after 1798.

James married (1) Susanna HILL. Susanna was born about 1780 in Lowesville, Amherst Co., VA.

James also married (2) Mahalath MAYS, daughter of Charles Garland MAYS and Rhoda CASH, in 1812 in AL. Mahalath was born about 1793 in Amherst Co. VA. She died in Franklin AL.

Spelling is uncertain.  Perhaps Mahalia or Mahala.

They had the following children:

  11 M i Leroy Mays CARPENTER was born 1815 in VA.
  12 F ii Elizabeth CARPENTER was born 1818 in AL.
  13 F iii Nancy CARPENTER was born 1820.
+ 14 M iv John James CARPENTER was born 1826.
  15 F v Amanda Jane CARPENTER was born 1835 in Al. She died 08 May 1894 in Tishimingo Co., MS.

Her parents and other Carpenters are buried in the Carpenter/Nunely cemetary in Tishimingo Co., MS.
        Amanda married William M. NUNLEY on 02 Dec 1852 in Alcon Co., MS.

3. Enoch CARPENTER (Benjamin ) was born about 1770 in Virginia. He died 31 Jul 1824 in Leighton, Colbert, AL.

Enoch married Sarah EVANS, daughter of William EVANS and Joyce ?, in 1794 in Lexington parish, Amherst, VA.

They had the following children:

+ 16 M i William Edward CARPENTER was born 1794 and died May 1837.
+ 17 F ii Lucinda Edward CARPENTER was born 1799.
  18 F iii Elizabeth (Betsy) CARPENTER was born 1800 in Near Lowesville, Amherst, VA.
        Elizabeth married James ARMSTRONG on 09 Aug 1824 in Lawrence Co., AL. James was born about 1797.
+ 19 M iv Benjamin CARPENTER was born 01 May 1803 and died 18 Oct 1881.
  20 M v John Patrick CARPENTER was born about 1806 in Near Lowesville, Amherst, VA.
+ 21 F vi Eleanor CARPENTER was born about 1809 and died 1892.
  22 F vii Mary CARPENTER was born about 1812 in Lawrence Co., AL.

5. Hensley , Sr CARPENTER (Benjamin ) was born about 1775 in Lowesville, Amherst Co., VA.

by Lyman Chalkley

Mays vs. Mays--O. S. 179; N. S. 63--Bill 10th February, 1809.
Complainants are, viz: Benjamin, William, James, Richard, Mays.
William Yelton and Sarah, his wife; Joseph Mays and Mary, his wife;
Hansley Carpenter and Rhoda, his wife, children and legal
representatives of Robert Mays, deceased, late of Amherst County,
who died in 1808, having made a will devising his whole estate to
Susanna Mays (his widow, second wife), and Jesse, Pearce, Joseph
B., Ballenger and Patty Mays, children by Susanna. Bill asks to
have the will set aside. Will of Robert Mays of Amherst County,
dated 3d June, 1806. Recorded in Amherst, 18th July, 1808. Sons,
Jesse, Pierce, Joseph B., Ballenger; wife, Susanna; daughter,

November 3,1797: (Note same date as George Carpenter's marriage) Hensley Carpenter and Rhody Mays, Wit: Benjamin Carpenter, Robert Mays,and John Cannon

Note by Alton D. Carpenter
Our familys' written and oral history recounts that Hensley Carpenter, Sr. and Richard E. Carpenter migrated from Amherst Co., Virginia to Tennessee ca. 1810.

Hensley married Rhoda MAYS, daughter of Robert MAYS and Elizabeth BOLLING, on 03 Nov 1797 in Lowesville, Amherst, VA. Rhoda was born about 1771 in Stafford, Va.. She died before 28 Aug 1847.

They had the following children:

+ 23 M i William CARPENTER was born BET. 1797 - 1800.
  24 M ii Peachy CARPENTER was born about 1803 in Never married.
+ 25 M iii Hensley , Jr CARPENTER was born about 1807.
  26 F iv Mahaly CARPENTER was born about 1807.
        Mahaly married Thomas PATE after 1827.
  27 F v Spicey CARPENTER was born 1810 in Giles County, Tennessee. She died Feb 1850 in Giles County, Tennessee.
+ 28 M vi Eaton CARPENTER was born 09 Mar 1811 and died 05 Jul 1871.
  29 M vii Washington D. CARPENTER was born about 1817 in no children.
        Washington married SARAH after 1838.
+ 30 F viii Rhoda Dauson CARPENTER was born 04 Aug 1824 and died 08 Aug 1883.

7. Austin CARPENTER (Benjamin ) was born about 1778 in King & Queen, VA. He died about 1857 in Amherst County, VA.

Austin married Catherine SCOTT on 07 Aug 1830 in Amherst County, VA. Catherine was born in Amherst County, VA. She died in Amherst County, VA.

They had the following children:

  31 M i Benjamin CARPENTER was born about 1832.
  32 M ii William Enoch CARPENTER was born about 1833.

Resided Amherst Co. 1870
        William married Ellen E. ? about 1870.
  33 M iii Sterling CARPENTER was born about 1835.
  34 M iv Cornelius CARPENTER was born about 1839.

Resided Amherst Co. 1860
  35 F v Sarah E. CARPENTER was born about 1840.

Resided Amherst Co. 1870
  36 M vi Charles S. CARPENTER was born about 1842.

Resided Amherst Co. 1870
+ 37 M vii Richard Eaton CARPENTER was born about 1846.

8. Richard E. CARPENTER (Benjamin ) was born about 1780 in Amherst County, VA.

August 29, 1808: Richard Carpenter and Nancy Holloday, parent, Fielden Holloday, Wit: Enoch Carpenter,
Jas. B. Edwards, and John Clements

Richard married Nancy HOLLODAY on 29 Aug 1808 in Amherst Co., VA.

They had the following children:

  38 F i Clarkey CARPENTER was born BET. 1809 - 1810 in Amherst Co. VA.
+ 39 M ii Dangerfield CARPENTER was born 1793 and died after 1860.
+ 40 F iii Cecy CARPENTER.
+ 41 M iv Michael CARPENTER was born 18 Oct 1817 and died 14 May 1889.
+ 42 M v Richard CARPENTER was born about 1820.

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