Descendants of Benjamin CARPENTER

First Generation

1. Benjamin CARPENTER was born about 1750 in Probably England. He died 1832 in Amherst County, VA.


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NAME OF HEAD OF FAMILY              WHITE          BLACK
Carpenter,  Benjamin                  5              -
Carpenter,  Sarah                     6              -

Carpenter,  John                      4              -
Carpenter,  Thomas                    6              2

Mays,       Joseph                    7             11
Mays,       James                     6              4
Mays,       John                     10              2
Mays,       Benjamin                  4              -
Carpenters of Virginia
 What happened to Amherst Co.?  Was it merged with Augusta
 Thanks!       Alton

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Amherst Co is still in existence, north of the James River and
Bedford/Appomattox Counties. It was formed in 1761 from Albemarle County,
and was divided in 1808 to form Nelson County.

Regards, Freddie S.
From "Amherst County , Virginia in the Revolution", by Lenora H. Sweeny, Clearfield Co., 1998
comes the following:

(( See note on Benjamin

In the same publication, under TYLER, JOHN  --  .... Eaton Carpenter, son of Benjamin Carpenter, testified that his father was drafted in the Amherst Militia, Siege of York & Capture of Cornwallis.  He heard his father say that John Tyler was in the same service.  .... May 19, 1846, Col. George W. Higginbotham, Amherst co., Va., aged 63, "Recollects distinctly that in looking over his father's Revolutionary papers, he came across several muster rolls containing the names of soldiers that composed the several companies that were in service under deponents father Col. or major Higginbotham, who was an officer in the Revolutionary War of the above grades; deponent has heard his father say that he was in service against the indians at Charlottesville, williamsburg, & Yorktown.  Deponent say that the Captain's name whose roll the name of John Tyler was on, but it is very clear in his recollection of having seen the names of John Tyler & Benj. Carpenter on the above rolls that were in possession of his father, Col. James Higginbotham.  The muster rolls are at the court house or in Kentucky."  

Ref.: Amherst Co., VA 9293755496.029ab ... an abstract of all items in wills from 1761-1919, Vol. 1

108 Benj. Carpenter
     8:208 June 24, 1825; May 21, 1832. Wits.: Geo. W. and Absalom Higginbotham and L. Cash.
     Eaton Carpenter and Cornl. Sale qualified Bdm.: Dabney Sandidge and Wiley Campbell. Ux,      Mary; son, Austin--Piney Mt. tract; son Eaton. My four children Jas., Hensley; Austin; and Mary  Rogers ux of Wm. Rogers, Exrs.: Cornl. Sale and my son, Eaton Carpenter.  
     8:226 Inv., June 2, 1832. Geo. W. Higginbotham; Absalom Higginbotham; Chas. & Wm. Tucker.  Total $2381.75

[ADC Note:  I have a photocopy of the will and Geo. W. Higgingotham's signature is quite clear on the will as a witness.]
Ref.: Tennessee Genealogical Records

Carpenter, Benjamine, revolutionary soldier; 428 acres; 14 July, 1820. No. 440

Ref.:  DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Part 1,
       Carpenter: Benjamin: b ---d a 5-21-1832 Va. M (1) Sarah ---- (2) Mary Sol VA
    929.3755 A515 Sw
         P. 16 Nov 3, 1791 - Hensley CARPENTER to Rhody mays, spinster, Benjamin       Carpenter and Robert Mays sureties.  certificate of marriage by the Rev. Charles       Crawford (MR)
         P. 9C 23 Dec., - Polly Carpenter to Wm. Rogers; Surety Benjamin Carpenter

Benjamin married MARY before 1782. MARY was born in Amherst County, VA.

Marriage Notes:

October 20,1794: Enoch Carpenter, bachelor and Sally Evans, spinster, each of Lexington Parish, Wit: William Evans, Surety, and Reben Crawford

Benjamin and MARY had the following children:

+ 2 M i James CARPENTER died after 1798.
+ 3 M ii Enoch CARPENTER was born about 1770 and died 31 Jul 1824.
  4 M iii Eaton CARPENTER was born about 1773 in Amherst County, VA. He died in Amherst County, VA.

Eaton never married.
+ 5 M iv Hensley , Sr CARPENTER was born about 1775.
  6 F v Mary Polly CARPENTER was born BET. 1776 - 1778 in Lowesville, Amherst Co., VA. She died in Livingston, TN.

December 23,1811: William Rogers and Polly Carpenter, Wit: Beniamin
Carpenter and A. B. Davis (Polly was a nickname. This was the Mary Carpenter, daughter of
Benjamin, who married William Rogers on the above date and later went with William to Carroll
County, Tennessee, at about the same time that Enoch came to Alabama.
        Mary married William ROGERS. William was born about 1775 in Amherst County, VA. He died in Livingston, TN.
+ 7 M vi Austin CARPENTER was born about 1778 and died about 1857.
+ 8 M vii Richard E. CARPENTER was born about 1780.
  9 F viii Jean CARPENTER.

Jean married 07 Jan 1797 in Lexington Parish, Amherst, VA.

January 7, 1797: Bailey Bolling. Lexington
Parish, and Jean Carpenter, Amherst Parish, parent, Benjamin Carpenter, Wit.
William Bolling, W.A. Crawford, Jnos. T. Wilsford, Eaton Carpenter, and Saml. Meredith
        Jean was not married to Baily BOLLING on 07 Jan 1797 in Lexington parish, Amherst, VA.
  10 F ix Clarkey CARPENTER "Clerkey".

July 22,1806: William Ball and Clarkey/Clerky Carpenter, parent, Benjamin Carpenter, Wit: Eaton Carpenter, S.Garland, Samuel Ball, and Absalom Higginbotham (Clerky was apparently a nickname for Clarkey)
        Clerkey married William BALL on 22 Jul 1806 in Amherst County, VA. William married 22 Jul 1806 in Amherst Co., VA .

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