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James Ausie Carpenter commenced the publication of the monthly Carpenter and Related Family Historical Papers starting in March 1977. That work grew as subscribers and contributors increased. After thirty-nine issues through December 1980, he commenced publication of the quarterly Carpenter and Related Family Historical Journals. Those were published through the winter of 1997. During much of this time, he was assisted by his wife Evelyn Yates Carpenter. James published two books during this period and Evelyn published an extensive history of the Yates family. There were others on his editorial staff along with a number of contributing editors and numerous and frequent contributors of family histories. James did most of this in his spare time. He sought only to recover his publication expenses and contributed a substantial part of his life preserving our family heritage.


Source Materials

James Ausie was my fifth cousin and Turner Cleveland Carpenter was my first cousin once removed. Turner was a frequent contributor to the Papers and Journals. He also saved every issue. When I became interested in the genealogy of our family, Turner generously gave me his collection.


The …Papers are scanned into PDF editable text format. The …Journals are scanned into PDF files as graphics. The contents of the collection included text, old documents, and un-half-toned black and white photographs. All were of electrostatic image quality. I gave priority to the legibility of the text and let the other content quality vary. Many of the pages have images of Turner’s lightly penciled tick marks and corrections. I did not attempt to remove them because the paper is getting brittle. The Journals were not unbound for scanning. Only those works published prior to March 1, 1989 are included in this work. The last fifteen journals published are not included because of copyright issues.

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I have arranged the Papers (CRFHP) in order of publication on this disk. They are internally indexed by contributors.

The Table of contents for the Journals (CRFHJ) is HTML hot linked to the corresponding Journal. It is hoped that this will be helpful in quickly finding desired information.

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